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Perhaps you wonder about how do I make my Ultrarunning compatible with private life and job. The answer is:

  • my private life means my dog and cat only,
  • my job? I don’t have regular job, only contracts from time to time.

What about the  money. I have saved something, but including my numerous races it would allow me to survive till October this year. So it’s time to act!

This is my offer of promotion of your company during ultra-marathon races.  I’m going to make available free space on the front of my t-shirt for your logo, website and what ever you want. The space will be available during on following races:

PTL® 300 km 26000 m+
Orobie Ultra-Trail® 140 km 9500 m+
Südtirol Ultra Skyrace 121 km 7554 m+
Malofatranská stovka 101 km 6449 m+
Andorra Ultra Trail 170 km 13500 m+

The minimal price offer is 100 EUR/race and include costs of t-shirt and print service. After the race I will provide high quality pictures and GoPro movies with rights of use for farther promotion of your company.

My offer it’s not only good way of promotion but also  allow you to present good corporate image of the company. Use of my service is also way of support my running life style and it allows me to register for next Ultramarathon races this year. It’s also way of implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in your Company. Please send your offer to

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